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Theodore Dimon
A New Model for Man's Conscious Development
Paperback. 2015. 145 pages. Other. £10.00.
Theodore Dimon
The Use of the Hands in Teaching
Spiralbound. 2015. 77 pages. Other. £12.50.
F. Matthias Alexander. Translated by Diego Kantor
Control Consciente y Constructivo del Individuo [Spanish]
Paperback. 335 pages. 2011. Other. £22.00.
F. Matthias Alexander
La Constante Universal de la Vida [Spanish]
Paperback. 335 pages. 2008. Other. £22.00.
Michael Bloch
F. M. the Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander
Founder of the Alexander Technique
Hardback; paperback. 288 pages. 2004. Other. £10.00.
Frank P. Jones. Edited by Theodore Dimon.
Collected Writings on the Alexander Technique
Paperback. 396 pages. 1999. Other. £19.50.
Edited by Rafaele Joudry
An Introduction to the Alexander Technique [DVD]
The Head Leads and the Body Follows
DVD. 25 minutes. 1996. Other. £11.95.
John Nicholls and Seán Carey
The Alexander Technique in Conversation
[A Discussion between John Nicholls and Seán Carey]
Paperback. 122 pages. 1991. Other. £9.95.