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Patricia Lassalle
It's Yours Sixty Seconds
Think in the direction you want to go
Paperback. 67 pages. 2011.
Published by Author (UK). 175 x 108 mm. 2nd edition.
Status: In print.
First published 1 January 2011
Mouritz description
Each page contains from one to a few sentences, the purpose of which is become aware of one's attention, of what one is thinking and to make choices. Each page is allow 60 seconds for self-awareness. Some direct attention to joints or other body parts. Some are general maxims, some are quotations by well-known people (Goethe, James, Burke, Shakespeare, Ehrmann). Examples of pages are: "Don't look for what you don't want to experience. Raise your game. If you find a limitation look for a strength and find a strength." And "Bring to mind the blessings in your life and notice the feeling that comes from this line of thinking. Then choose where you want to place your attention."

Earliest publication date: 1 January 2011