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Goddard Binkley. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.
The Expanding Self
How the Alexander Technique changed my life
Hardback. 178 pages. 1993.
Jonathan Drake
Thorsons Introductory Guide to the Alexander Technique
Paperback. 96 pages. 1993.
Ilana Machover, Jonathan Drake, Angela Drake
The Alexander Technique Birth Book
A guide to better pregnancy, natural birth and parenthood
Paperback. 204 pages. 1993 (1995, 2006).
Alex Maunder
The Alexander Technique and the Principles of Self-Transformation
Booklet. 40 pages. 1993.
Chloe Stallibrass
Sexuality And The Alexander Technique
A study based on a survey of teachers and students at an Alexander training centre in London, Summer 1990
Booklet. 24 pages. 1993.
Chloe Stallibrass
Issues Around Sexuality In Alexander Teacher Training
A supplement to Sexuality and the Alexander Technique
Booklet. 9 pages. 1993.
Jeroen Staring
Civilization and Interfering with Primary Control
Booklet. 20 pages. 1993 (1994).
Ron Brown. F. Matthias Alexander.
Authorised Summaries of F. M. Alexanders Four Books
Paperback. 148 pages. 1992.
Richard Brennan
The Alexander Technique Workbook
Your Personal Programme for Health, Poise and Fitness
Paperback. 136 pages. 2011 (1992)
Walter H. M. Carrington and Seán Carey
Explaining the Technique
The Writings of F. Matthias Alexander
Paperback. 163 pages. 1992 (2004).
Edited by Jeremy Chance
The Congress Papers: A Spirit of Learning Together
3rd International Congress 1991
Paperback. 174 pages. 1992.
Researched and compiled by Jorgen Haahr
Alexander Technique as Alexander Defined it
Ringbound. 42 pages. 1992.
Edited by Alexander Murray
John Dewey and F. M. Alexander III
Booklet. 44 pages. 1992.
Julia Priest
From Stage-Fright To Seat-Height
An Annotated Bibliography on the Alexander Technique and Music 1907-1992
Paperback. 28 pages. 1992.
Richard Brennan
The Alexander Technique
Natural poise for Health
Paperback. 114 pages. 1991.
Barbara Conable
How to Learn The Alexander Technique
A Manual For Students
Paperback. 110 pages. 1991 (1992, 1995).
Jonathan Drake
Body Know-How
A practical guide to the Alexander Technique in everyday life
Paperback. 142 pages. 1991 (1996).
Jorgen Haahr
F. M. Alexander Technique
Philosophy, principles, etc.
Booklet. 20 pages. 1991.
Catherine Kettrick
What A Piece Of Work...
A study guide to the major writings of F. M. Alexander
Spiralbound + PDF. 213 pages. 1991.
Edited by Alexander Murray
John Dewey and F. M. Alexander I
Booklet. 27 pages. 1991.
Edited by Alexander Murray
John Dewey and F. M. Alexander IV
Paperback. 92 pages. 1991.
C. M. Turbayne
John Dewey and F. M. Alexander II
Booklet. 34 pages. 1991.
Donald L. Weed
The Basic Principles Workbook
A Self-directed Guide for Study in the Alexander Technique
Spiralbound. 215 pages. 1991.
John Gray
Your guide to the Alexander Technique
Revolutionise your body use and alleviate stress
Hardback; paperback. 176 pages. 1990 (1994, 1998).
Judith Leibowitz, Bill Connington
The Alexander Technique
The World-Famous Method for enhancing Posture, Stamina, Health, and Well-Being, and for Relieving Pain and Tension
Hardback, paperback. 197 pages. 1990 (1999).
Kathleen J. Ballard
On Learning and Teaching the Alexander Technique
F. M. Alexander Memorial Lecture 1989
Booklet. 17 pages. 1990 (1995).
David Garlick
The Lost Sixth Sense
A medical scientist looks at the Alexander Technique
Booklet. 47 pages. 1990.
unknown unknown
Making Our Links With Children’s Education
Booklet. 18 pages. 1990.
Donald L. Weed
What You Think is What You Get
An Introductory Textbook for the Study of the Alexander Technique
Spiralbound. Paperback. 208 pages. 1990 (1997, 1999, 2004).
F. Matthias Alexander. Introduction by John Dewey
The Use of the Self
Its conscious direction in relation to diagnosis, functioning and the control of reaction
Paperback. 88 pages. 1989.
Jean M. O. Fischer
Similarities between Krishnamurti's teachings and the F. M. Alexander Technique
Booklet. 13 pages. 1989.
Patrick Macdonald
The Alexander Technique As I See It
Paperback. 124 pages. 1989 (2002).
Glen Park
The Art of Changing
A New Approach to The Alexander Technique
Paperback. 288 pages. 1989 (1998, 2000).
Chris Stevens
Scientific Research and its Role in Teaching the Alexander Technique
Kinds of research and what we can learn from them
Booklet. 21 pages. 1989.
F. Matthias Alexander
Man's Supreme Inheritance
Conscious Guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution in Civilization
Paperback. 95 pages. 1988.