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Rossella Buono and Anne Mallen
For the Love of Games
Alexander Technique Activities
Paperback. 2018. 163 pages.
Nancy Dawley, Neil Schapera, Vivien Schapera
Guided Lessons for Students of the Alexander Technique
Sprialbound. Paperback. 72 pages. 2001 (2010).
Ron Dennis
The Posturality of the Person
A guide to postural education and therapy
Paperback, 112 pages, 2013.
Theodore Dimon Jr.
The Body in Motion
Its Evolution and Design
Paperback, 107 pages, 2011.
Theodore Dimon Jr.
A New Model for Man's Conscious Development
Paperback. 2015. 145 pages.
Sue Holladay
Playing with Posture
Positive Child Development using the Alexander Technique
Paperback. 160 pages. 2012.
Carolyn Nicholls
The Posture Workbook
Free Yourself from Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain with the Alexander Technique
Paperback. 157 pages. 2012.
Ann Rodiger
How to Sit Your Body at Work
A Guide to Sitting at Your Workstation Based on the Alexander Technique
Paperback, 72 pages, 2010.