Copyrights, Permissions and Translations

Permission to quote or publish extracts from Mouritz publications should be made in writing. Short quotations may be excepted from seeking permission. Please see below for details.

F. M. Alexander's writings are in copyright until 2026. (For The Use of the Self, please contact the publishers Orion.)

Permission to use copyrighted material: Text

Permission requests for any commercial use should be made in writing. By post to Mouritz, Flat 4, 41 Palace Square, London SE19 2LT.

Please provide the following information about the material you wish to use:

  • Title, author and year of the book you wish to quote from
  • The number of words or illustrations you intend to use (if it is an illustration please check first on the copyright page that it is not credited to another source).

Please include the following information about the publication the quotations (or illustration) will appear in:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Proposed publication date
  • Territory for distribution (e.g. UK/ Commonwealth/ Europe/ World etc.)
  • Print run and price
  • Nature of your proposed use of our material in this publication.
Short quotations: Text

Short quotations may be excepted from seeking permission. If the quotation is for “purposes of criticism or review” (an undefined phrase from the Copyright Act), you need not ask permission, but must ensure that either in the text itself or in an acknowledgements page you give the title, the author, the publisher and year of edition quoted. Quotations in book reviews are generally excepted. Quotations for the purpose of literary criticism are generally excepted. But where quotations are used in place of writing one's own description, definition, experience, etc., you generally need to ask for permission.

Quotations, however short, for anthologies must always be obtained.

For more details please see the section “About Copyright” in The Society of Authors' website.

Permission to use copyrighted material: Video

The following are guidelines for clearing copyright permission for video extracts.

Full details of the extract or sample from the film is needed. You need to provide the exact times from the film you wish to use, e.g. “from 00.04.34 to 00.05.15, in total 39 seconds.”

Please provide complete context in which the extract is presented is needed, this includes how the extract is included, total length, and how reference is proposed to be given.

Context can either be provided by sending a DVD with details of where the extract is proposed to be shown, or by providing the treatment or manuscript for filming where filming has yet to take place.

Provide other details such as proposed release date, retail price (if applicable), how many copies will be pressed, or broadcast details (channel, broadcast time, resell rights).

Translation rights
To obtain an option on translating any Mouritz publication please write giving the following details.
  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Publisher
  4. Proposed publication date
  5. Language
  6. Print run and price

The option will normally only be given to publishers, not individuals. The option will only be given to individual titles.

Publishers of any titles on licence from Mouritz must obtain ISBN and supply bookstores and distributors at trade discount of such titles.

For foreign editions already published please see the Alexander bibliography.

The Use of the Self is not published by Mouritz: for copyright and translation permissions please contact Orion Publishing Group.

If accepted, Mouritz will give you the option in writing to obtain an exclusive contract on translating a book into a specific language. An option is normally given for 18 months and has to be extended in writing by Mouritz or followed by a copyright contract. Otherwise the option expires and Mouritz can give permission to another publisher for the same language. The above information is also required before a copyright contract can be drawn up. Mouritz may demand to inspect the quality of the translation before given a copyright permission. An option does NOT guarantee a copyright permission.